Social and Environmental Mission is committed to changing the way families consume toys and games.

Kids love toys and we believe in the transformative power of play.

Unfortunately, the toys children play with can have a negative impact on the environment, endangering the world they grow up in.

Plastic toys account for 90 percent of the toy market, and most toys made with plastic or plastic components are essentially unrecyclable. These toys, and the packaging they are sold in, are destined for local landfills. Discarded plastics tend to find their way out of landfills and into local waterways. Today millions of tons of plastic can be found swirling around our oceans. This waste breaks down into microplastics which are ingested by marine life, causing reproductive harm, stunted growth, and increased mortality, not just for the fish and animals that consume them, but potentially for those higher up in the food chain, including humans.

Toy-cycle’s mission is to reduce the consumption of new toys and to extend their life cycle, thus decreasing the plastics from toys and toy packaging that end up in landfills and in our broader environment.

Toy-cycle engages in charitable giving to further our social and environmental mission. Each new signup helps to fund nonprofit organizations whose activities align with our core objective.