Posting Guidelines

Welcome to TOYCYCLE! We hope your experience on our site is a truly positive one. To aid in that goal, we have created these Posting Guidelines and Policies. Please read them carefully and in their entirety before creating posts on our site.

How to create a Post

You can post gently used toys and baby gear on TOYCYCLE.

Posts are sorted by age group. Age 0-3, Age 4-8, Age 9 and Older. Within your User Settings you can select default filters for a specific age group for email notifications. You can also set filters on your local group page for browsing.

Age 0-3 group. As the name suggests, this group is for toys and gear that might be suitable for children three and under. Blocks, stuffed animals, rattles, small ride-on toys, pull toys, activity centers, high chairs, swings, bouncers, cribs, changing tables, bathtubs, clothing, strollers, car seats, diaper bags, baby bottles, etc. Please don't assume that a toy offered in this group is automatically safe for all children. Use your own judgment when it comes to safety.

Age 4-8 group. Any games, toys or gear appropriate for children age 4-8 should be posted in this group. These are preschool to early elementary age kids. This can include anything from board games, puzzles and brain toys, to dolls, Lego sets, action figures, lawn games, sports gear, musical instruments, etc.

Age 9 and Older. Play is fun for everyone. This category includes any toys or games suitable for kids 9 and older, including adults of all ages. Puzzles, card games, board games, science kits, electronic toys, robotics, kites, etc.

You can give items individually or in collections, whatever works best for you.

Sample Post:

Toy-cycle how to post

Post Title: Provide the name of the item being offered.

Post Description:  Provide a detailed description of the item and how it works, including an accurate description of its condition. Our community expects that toys and gear offered on TOYCYCLE are clean and in good condition. If the item you are offering is not in good condition, but still usable/functional, please be sure to thoroughly describe any shortcomings, for example, “frayed box,” “missing a piece,” etc.

Photo: When possible, upload a snapshot of the item. This allows other users to see exactly what is being offered and to assess its condition.

Post Type: Here you can select Offer or Wanted.

Age Range: Select an age range for the item.

Pick-up Window: The autofill feature is a powerful tool that can save you time. If you have selected a default pick-up window in your settings, this box will autofill. If not, you can state a time when you will make the item available for pick up. For example, Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00PM. If your pick-up window is flexible, you can indicate that here as well.

Pick-up Address: This box will autofill from the address provided in your settings. Your address will only be seen by members who you select to receive an item.

Pick-up Placement:  If you have stated a default placement in your settings, this box will autofill. If not, you can state a specific location where the item will be placed for pick up. For example, Front Porch.

Once you have completed the CREATE NEW POST form, click the SUBMIT NEW POST button. Your item will immediately post to your home group and an email notification will be sent to all other home group members, as well as members from nearby groups who have selected to receive them.

Any member who wants a posted item can respond to the poster via the link provided in the email notification, or directly from the website or app. If you previously logged out of the site or app, you will be asked to log in before continuing to the posted item.

Multiple Responses for a Posted Item

When you post an item, you may receive multiple responses from other members who are interested. If this occurs you are free to choose the respondent you would like to give your item to. Often people will select the first respondent, and that is a reasonable choice. However, that may disadvantage working parents or parents who have chosen to receive a daily digest rather than individual notifications. Parents with particularly demanding schedules may not be able to respond immediately. Selecting someone at random from among the responses you receive is also perfectly appropriate and even encouraged. To select a respondent, click on the SELECT member TO RECEIVE THIS ITEM button.

Selecting a recipient will automatically generate an email with the address, pickup window and pickup placement you provided when creating the post for the item. This saves you the time and effort involved in conveying the information new with every transaction.

Our community depends upon the reliability of its users. We are all busy moms and dads. Please be considerate of others by always ensuring that you place the item where and when you have stated. Our Review Feature encourages responsible behavior in our community so that we can all experience positive exchanges. With this feature, you’ll receive an invite via email a few days after you’ve completed an exchange. While logged into the website, follow the link to leave your feedback on the responsiveness of the posting member, the condition of the item posted and whether or not the item was available during the pickup window. The recipient can also be reviewed for responsiveness and prompt pick-up.

Once you have selected a member to give your item to, the item will be automatically closed. If for whatever reason, you don’t end up giving the item to the selected member, you can return to your posts and reactivate it.

Personal Items Only - No Services, No Businesses

We are not a buy/sell marketplace. There are no financial transactions on our site. Offers of services and offers of items for sale are not accepted on TOYCYCLE. These posts will be flagged as inappropriate and removed without notice.

Multiple Listings and Repeated Postings

There is no maximum on the number of posts that may be active for any member at any given time, but please do not post the same item multiple times. If you have not been able to give away your item after posting it twice, please try a different venue such as Freecycle, Craigslist, or a local thrift shop.

Other Restrictions:

Curb Alerts: Please do NOT post curb alerts on TOYCYCLE. A curb alert is an announcement that items have already been left outside at a particular address. Experience suggests that this type of post can result in frustration and disappointment for other users. TOYCYCLE expects that you make specific arrangements with another user to give/receive an offered item. Curb alerts should be flagged as inappropriate and will be removed without notice. You can choose to be at home when someone comes for a pick up, or to leave an item on a porch or other convenient location. Or you can choose to meet in a public place. Please be considerate of other members by ensuring that you place the item where and when you say you will.

Resale of items acquired on TOYCYCLE: It is a violation of TOYCYCLE's Terms of Use to acquire free items on TOYCYCLE in order to sell them. If we discover that a user is acquiring items for resale, we will deny their access immediately and without notice.


The overwhelming majority of TOYCYCLE users are genuine, trustworthy and well-meaning. However, as with other community posting sites like Freecycle, Facebook or Craigslist, please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting or when completing an Offer or Request exchange with another TOYCYCLE member. While there is never any money changing hands between users on TOYCYCLE, we support Safe Trade initiatives designed to keep the public safe when transacting with others in the sharing economy. If you feel the need, please consider taking a look at Safe Trade Stations or Safe Deal Zones in your area. We also encourage local community initiatives that accomplish the same goal, such as swap spots at local churches, schools, cafes or libraries.

Recall Resources

There are a number of websites and apps that help parents find and understand child-related recalls. The most comprehensive is the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Another resource is Parents Magazine Toy and Product Recall Finder. If you are concerned about the safety of any item you might acquire on TOYCYCLE, we encourage you to access these resources for further information.

Privacy Policy

TOYCYCLE's Privacy Policy prohibits members from sending unwanted email to someone who posts on TOYCYCLE, such as complaints about a posting, or anything that could be construed as unsolicited advertising for a business. If we discover that a member is in violation of our Privacy Policy, we may cancel their membership immediately and without notice.


We ask people to please keep in mind that TOYCYCLE has no control over the transactions that arise from postings between members. We have no way to guarantee that the condition of items posted is accurately reported nor that members will always follow through with their offer. We can only offer guidelines and trust that most members will be diligent in following them.